Win bottles of wine for christmas


Want to win a pack of wine bottles for christmas? In these dates as christmas we begin to think of what will be the menu for these parties and moreover, what wine will be the one to maride with each of the dishes.

In this article we present you the competition of Bodegas Valdemar, in the video below you will see what is the history of this winery and the access to the competition.

Awards Bodegas Valdemar

The first prize is a night in a hotel with dinner in the Restaurant Matute of Logroño and a guided visit to the winery for two people.

The second prize will be a pack of 12 bottles: will be in total 4 bottles of Reserve, 4 bottles of Finca Alto Cantabria and 4 bottles of Pink.

The third prize will be a pack of 3 bottles: 1 bottle Reserves, 1 bottle of Finca Alto Cantabria and 1 bottle of Rosé.

How to participate

There is nothing like the contests christmas to encourage the illusion and win a few bottles of wine to one of the dinners most anticipated of the year.

The participation is very simple, the only thing you need to do is share the video with a link unique and personalized for you. In this way, the more people viewing your video the more chances of winning the prize.

To get your personal link you just have to see the video that we present, and, at the end of it, you will see a link that will take you directly to the Contest Conde de Valdemar.

You have to give “I like” to the page of Bodegas Valdemar, and will see your personal link, your image and the number of stories view that there has been through your link.

Conde de Valdemar

The wine Conde de Valdemar have managed to be a benchmark in Rioja since the 80s because its wines are considered to be of high quality and, in turn, by the variety of large reserves and reserves that are present in more than 55 countries.

In addition, this winery stands out among the others by innovation, finding the Blanco fermented in a Barrel or the pink by method of bleeding.