Dictionary of wine tasting: the E

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Dictionary of wine Tasting starting with the letter E

Joinery: aroma that is reminiscent of the varnish in those wines that have been matured in new barrels.

Ebonite: aroma that appears in wine in a bad state and reminds one of the plastic.

Edrar: is a term used in Aragon and refers to the action of remove the earth from under the strains, in order to avoid that the grapes touch ground.

Sweetened: a wine that has a sweet taste that is not identified.

Sparkling: a wine that gives off carbon dioxide when it is served.

Electro-dialysis: technique that seeks to achieve the stability tartrate in the wine.

Elegant: a wine with harmony, good color and bouquet. Noble and balanced.

Empyreumatic: unpleasant odors that include iodine, smoking, burnt sugar..

Header: a technique that consists of adding an alcohol in a pure state in order to stop the fermentation, achieving that is a part of residual sugar.

Lace: the quality of a wine that is very harmonious and stable.

Onions: a smell that occurs in some winemaker very stale products of the reduction.

Encepe: all those grape varieties that make up a vineyard.

Encostado: waste of wine very vintage which are formed in the walls of the bottles and that tends to happen especially with ports and muscats.

Weak: a wine déibl, without aromas and light.

Endrin: aroma, reminiscent of pacharán.

Juniper: balsamic aroma that brings us reminiscences of the juniper, slurps around in vintage wines.

Dill: bouquet of spices and anise of some wines.

Masked man: is that wine that deposited sediment in the bottle.

Moldy: it is the aroma of those wines whose bunches have not been well cared for or well the barrels are had molds.

Oenology: science that deals with the study of wine.

Enomancia: arts of divination that employs the wine.

Aging: a process in which the wine acquires all his powers in full with the passage of time.

Veraison: it is the time of year when the grape gets color.

Balanced: wine in all its aspects presents harmony, without highlighting any feature over the other.

Slender: delicate wine with acidity, fine.

Stems: woody part of the cluster that supports the grapes.

Spicy: a characteristic aroma of a wine, usually of livestock breeding, with hints of spices.

Thick: wine common and very tough.

Hawthorn: the aroma is fine and delicate, reminiscent of white roses.

Liquor: rich in aroma and in alcohol.

Sparkling: soup to throw it in drink it consistently provides a good amount of bubbles as a result of the carbon dioxide gas that has to undergo a second fermentation in the bottle.

Structure: constitution of the wine in which account is taken of all their qualities; acidity, tannins, etc

Evolved: a wine that has changed with the passage of time.

Stranger: came defective nose can be defined.

Dictionary of wine Tasting

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