Recipes for diet in 2013

ensalada queso cabra con frmabuesa

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  • 1 The recipes that you need to keep the line, to lose weight or to debug your body.
  • 2 Salads
  • 3 Creams and vegetables
  • 4 Meat and fish
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The recipes that you need to keep the line, to lose weight or to debug your body.

In this article, we will tell you what are the recipes to help you take care of your line and in turn, maintain a healthy diet. On the other hand, we have created a video that may be of interest to you on a salad light don't miss our recipes!

The key is to learn how to eat, we take care of our diet and losing weight or just doing a diet to improve our health.

ensalada queso cabra con frmabuesa

But one aspect that we have to always keep clear is that the diet should be varied and balanced. It is easier and easier to lose weight because you learn how to eat since it is more convenient to keep it in time and see its benefits in the long term, the fact that stop eating because they do not endure long time and our body will suffer greatly.


The salads are one of the dishes that should never miss in a varied and balanced diet, in addition are digestive, fill, and add a few calories depending on the ingredients they take.

You can prepare salads of lettuce, endive or other types of vegetables or you can make fruit salads, but always keep in mind that many of these latter have a high content in sugars.


  • Salad light

  • Salad with avocado, apple and walnuts

  • Rice salad, prawns and anchovies

Creams and vegetables

Depending on how the do, a good cream or soup may contain all the nutrients that our bodies need without this we are consuming a lot of calories.

crema calabaza


  • Cream of pumpkin

  • Cream of zucchini

  • Soup of leeks and potatoes

  • Cream of spinach

  • Vegetables in the oven

Meat and fish

One of the best ways to enjoy these foods when looking to lose weight is to prepare them in the plate that requires a little oil or prepare it in the oven.

Dorada a la plancha con tomate a la plancha


  • Bream

  • Fillets of trout with pepper


There is No need to remove any type of food, just eat in smaller quantities a little bit of everything and, not to forget the intake of fluids, important to drink plenty of water, and the eye with the alcohols that cause weight gain.

Recommend, reduce or eliminate sweets and do exercise that will help you to eliminate fat, fluids, relieve stress and give you a good level of endorphins.

These are some of the recipes, but you can find many more on our blog, you just put the food you want to cook in the finder and see all the variety of dishes.