Artíasses and kitchen to the small years of the house

I know that it is still early and we still have more than a month to go until christmas and we become crazy looking for gifts, but I've seen a fridge that I could not resist to share it with you.

Artíasses and kitchen to the small years of the house

Have you already thought what you're going to ask santa Claus or the Magi?

If I say that I love the kitchen and all the items that you may imagine I believe that I am saying anything new. When I go strolling around the shops and I see kitchen items as original beginning to write down and then ask for it to the Kings to only leave me a little bit of coal, and bring me something more.

This is how I found this fridge for children to do, don't you think ideal?

Many times the young are the first to get in the kitchen to experiment with flavors, I like to mix, put the hands in the dough, make their own creations with all that you let to hand and this article I liked it because it is a simple way that they make their own ice cream and juices, is a way to get closer to the kitchen safe and fun way.

In addition, we encourage home cooked food and avoid that they are buying ice-creams or juices that have nothing to do with what is natural. For if any you are interested in this fridge is Famous and belongs to the range of Comiditas Famoplay.

The kids in the kitchen

The truth is that I also believe that we must bring the kitchen to the young because then when they are large sometimes lose interest in this and then we are moms wanting to learn to be independent in all areas.

There are recipes that are ideal for you will enjoy the kitchen with us without danger of being burned or cut.

Artíasses and kitchen to the small years of the house

For example, make a few biscuits or any recipe of pastry that you can mix the ingredients with your hands, or shape the cookies can be incredibly fun for them.

In addition, having the kids in the kitchen means that we are doing activities with them, enjoying, laughing. We must never forget how important it is to spend quality time with the little ones.