Dictionary of wine tasting: the F

Bushel: a measure of ability to aggregate which in Castile is equivalent to 55.5 litres.

Sludge: a solid substance that can be found in the juice, arising from the skins and other similar substances.

Fatigued: it is said that wine which, after being shuffled, momentarily has a low quality.

VinoFemale: it is a characteristic of the light wines.

Alcoholic fermentation: the process by which they transform the sugars of the must into alcohol and other components of the wine, by the direct action of the yeast.

Malolactic fermentation: the process by which the ácio malic acid is transformed into lactic acid.

Fernet: drink Italian bitter taste, style vermouth made with herbs, fermented with alcohol from grapes.

Ferro-cyanide: used in the elaboration process of the wine to remove elevated levels of iron and other metals.

Stringy: character ahilado of wine to serve.

Fillete: a bottle of 31 cl. own of the Loire region and Paris.

Filtering: the process of clarifying the wine by eliminating materials in suspension.

End of mouth: sensations end you have when tasting a wine.

Fine: generous wine typical of Andalusia.

Finesse: with a smell and taste sensitive.

Flabby: a wine that does not have any special character, and which tend to be of low alcoholic strength.

Flower: is the white veil that floats on the wines during the ageing process when they are stored in boots.

Floral: aromas of some wines that are reminiscent of the flowers.

Fluent: subtle wine, pleasant and delicate to pass by the mouth.

Fuck Blanche: white grape that produces wines lively, very typical in Armagnac.

Fortified: a wine that has undergone some process to force its stability.

A fragrantwine is very aromatic.

Frank: a wine very well made and generous.

Frankenthal: variety of grapes, very vigorous.

Frappe: temperature at which should be served white wine and champagne.

Strawberry: aroma of fruit that appears in some red wines and rosé wines.

Fresh: a wine that, thanks to the carbonic and acid, leaves a fresh feeling in the mouth.

Cold: wine with little body and low alcohol content.

Frizzantein Italy, vino de aguja.

Fruit: delicate wine reminiscent of different aromas of plants.

Fudre: wooden container, with a round bottom and a large capacity to store wines.

Deposit: a wine with color accents, or with a high alcohol content.

Cast: a wine in which all its features are fused in a whole homogeneous and harmonious.

Dictionary of wine Tasting

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