Gastronomíto Portuguese: Cockles in sauce


Yesterday, we attended the Cooking Workshop of Tivoli in which we put in the kitchen with chef Luis Baena and his team, was quite an experience because they gave us a dish to try and we had to discover what were the ingredients that had this petisco (cap typical in Portugal) to be able to repeat the recipe then and there. Can you imagine it? Then, I tell you all the details and the recipe.

Gastronomíto Portuguese: Cockles in sauce

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Workshop kitchen Tivoli

On the occasion of the Gastronomy Week of the X Mostra Portuguese in Madrid, we had the pleasure of attending the cooking workshop Tivoli in which an experience unimaginable waiting for us.

Gastronomíto Portuguese: Cockles in sauce

We were able to meet the chef, Luis Baena and his entire team. The event was more dynamic and fun, we were split into teams and introduced us to each one of us a different dish typical of Portuguese gastronomy, we had to absorb all the scents and try to guess what each of the ingredients contained to achieve the same result.

Gastronomíto Portuguese: Cockles in sauce

At our disposal we had an induction cooker and a lot of ingredients, some that we didn't need for nothing and that we despistarían but a whole experience. Finally, we managed to make a dish quite similar with the help of the Chef Antonio who with their glances of approval to our choices, we were able to go the right way in the kitchen.

Gastronomíto Portuguese: Cockles in sauce

Once finished, the dish, the jury had to award the three groups, we got to get the seconds, and we brought home some delicious typical products of Portugal such as the extra virgin olive oil or jam from child Prisca.

I will not do to wait any longer to get to the recipe, the quantities are taken on the fly because it was the recipe that we prepare, but it came out well I dare to share it with you hope You enjoy it!


  • 2 kilos of cockles

  • 3-4 cloves of garlic

  • Cilantro

  • Half a glass of white wine

  • A lemon

  • 2 tablespoons butter

  • Olive oil

  • Salt maldón

Gastronomíto Portuguese: Cockles in sauce


In the first place we put a frying pan on medium heat and put a splash of oil, a little more to cover the pan since that will give color to the dish and also gives a lot of flavor.

Then, chop the garlic into large chunks so that we can see it on the plate. We put them brown (that's not to say they are burned).

Gastronomíto Portuguese: Cockles in sauce

Once we have it, we add the cockles, washed (note this, it is a product of the sea, which implies that it already has salt so you don't have to add much.

Cover the pan and we let them go by opening fire, there is to be aware by what you see moving with some frequency. In the time that see that starting to be the most open adds salt maldón (that is scaly, more soft than other type of sales) and a good splash of white wine.

Gastronomíto Portuguese: Cockles in sauce

The wine has cooked, you will be able to notice the smell when it is ready and add the lemon juice. You can do it with the hand if you put a face to the lemon party towards the palm, in this way we avoid falling out the seeds (a trick taught to us by the Chef Antonio who was in our team).

Finally, we'll take a good amount of cilantro if you like that is spicy and really gives it a nice touch of flavor and aroma. Chef Antonio explained to us that if estrujamos before returning it to the frying pan the aroma will power a lot more.

Gastronomíto Portuguese: Cockles in sauce

It does not take long the make the cockles, we have to have them to the point of cooking so that they are perfect so estaros attentive when you do each of these steps.

To bind the sauce add the butter and let it melt, you'll see what a combination of flavors, what a recipe so simple for a dish that is extremely delicious.