&are you;Qué to eat of tupperware in the office?

Do you eat all the days in the office and has already reached the point of not knowing what to cook? Get ready to enjoy a good meal away from home and for very little money.

In this article I make proposals about what can be worn to the office, and in what way you can take it without worrying that pour, or open.


A salad can be a good accompaniment to a main dish or can become a single dish. If you know how to choose well the ingredients you can get all the nutrients you need from a single plate and enjoy the flavors fantastic.

Salads of lettuce:

In this blog you will find a multitude of recipes of salads variety of lettuce that you can prepare as salad of goat cheese with cream of modena that you can prepare at any site and without fear that any of the ingredients lose their quality.

ensalada de queso de cabra con módena

For example, if you want to prepare the salad of avocado, cheese and apple my recommendation would be to not take it completely ready, take the apple and chop it just in time to prepare it to keep it from rusting.

Pasta salads:

If you want to enjoy cold dishes but full of flavour, we have selected two recipes of pasta for you: salmon salad, and pasta and pasta salad.

Ensalada de pasta SaborGourmet.com

Rice salad

With the rice you can also get a few delicious salads, the only thing that you have to keep in mind is the type of rice that you buy to have a better texture the next day. Note that usually put in the front of the package of rice for salads or you can buy the long grain rice.

We highlight the following two recipes: rice salad as a main and a variation, rice salad with prawns and anchovies.

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Who has not developed any type of pasta for the next day? My advice to those who want to carry the dough from one day to another is to leave it al dente.

A plate of pasta, sensational, which is good before and after, are the macaroni with sausage or pasta with tomato sauce and goat cheese. If you have the chance to give it a touch of heat in the microwave, it can be a key factor for some palates, though I have to tell you that in my case, I prefer cold when I take them in tupperware.

macarrones con chorizo

Potato omelette

A classic in the tupperware is the potato omelette. The day that you tortilla the day before, do not forget to set aside a slice to take to the office. If you take a tomato or a little cheese, you'll see that combination more delicious.

tortilla patatas


You have No reason to stop taking the dishes in the office, a way to bring him without fear of escape of the liquid through the tupperware are the glass jars, nothing will stop you from enjoying the home made delicacies such as a delicious lentil, cream of asparagus, cream of leek soup, etc

crema calabaza

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What dishes are the ones that you carry in your tupperware?